Here are the topics we’ll be discussing next:

  • Hijacker Cory Wayne Patterson, 29, has been arrested for threatening to crash the stolen plane into a Walmart.
  • Artemis launch attempt canceled, again due to a fuel leak.
  • Kanye Simpson
  • The State of the International Space Station
  • On 1 September 2022, an attempted assassination occurred against Argentine vice president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner by a man outside her official residence in the neighborhood of Recoleta, Buenos Aires. 
  • Trump Rally: Trump calls Biden an “enemy of the state”.
  • Ron DeSantis, FL Governor says President Biden is “the American Nero” and that he considers dissenters a “threat to democracy.”
  • 8kun owner Jim Watkins says he believes reptilians are real and have likely come “from an alternative universe”. “They’re genetically related to humans but they’re not human,” he says.
  • The main Youtube channel will be back up on Monday.
  • The backup is almost up to 550 
  • In the meantime, I’m working on the Mandela Effect Doc, the new Podcast, and the latest IPS Institute course.

The IPS Inciter is a daily news brief—with a short news podcast as well–starting SOON.

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