The Story of How I doxxed Q (Short Version) by Tim Ozman

In 2017 I was targeted by a cyberstalker known as MGTV who systematically took down my YouTube channels out of malice. This person informed me that they were going to remove me from the Internet.

True to their word, he had several dozen of my channels removed through his calculated abuses of YouTube’s copyright infringement reporting system.

I sued this person as a John Doe Defendant for trademark infringement because he purchased many domain names related to Infinite Plane Society and Tim Ozman, and he redirected them to defamation websites.

Eventually, this person’s name was revealed through a DMCA subpoena I filed in response to more than 400 false copyright takedown notices resubmitted.

I learned that he emailed Youtube’s Legal Department in 2018 and claimed to be me, even claiming that my voice was his. I have a copy of this email and it makes Marcus Goldfinch indictable for Felony Identity Theft.

Afterward, he rebranded MGTV as the Anonymous.Charity and then “George News.”

George News served as a front for “Q”, who emerged from the “Anonymous Charity” or “Collective Q” persona, formerly known as MGTV. George was JFK Jr.’s Magazine and this was used to convince QAnons that JFK Jr. would soon return from the dead.

My findings have demonstrated that Marcus Goldfinch, a credentialed White House reporter and Trump family friend, has been behind all Q-postings since 10-28-2017. It’s only a matter of time until the truth gets out. Read more:


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