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As a former embalmer, I feel obliged to dispel the myth being spread by anti-vaxxers regarding blood clots in dead bodies. John O’Looney of Milton Keynes Family Funeral Services based in the United Kingdom has spread this nonsense on Infowars.

Anticoagulants are used in embalming solutions because the blood thickens and clots when it’s no longer circulating. It should also be pointed out that bodies are embalmed after several days of refrigeration, during which the blood settles resulting in lividity, the settling of blood after death. The process of displacing blood with embalming fluid necessitates the removal of clots directly from the jugular vein, which is opened for this purpose. I recall using long forceps inserted into the incision during the arterial fluid injection into the carotid. I monitored the drainage for any blockages which could be corrected by extracting clots. Clots were often expelled during the massaging of the hands, arms, and feet.

The rumors of increased clotting are anecdotal at best and embalmers wouldn’t know the vaccination status of those they are embalming since it is not on the death certificate. The anti-vaxxers are grasping at straws in their desperation for some sweet “I told you so” evidence.

I also want to point out that FEMA coffins are just burial vaults.

Tim Ozman,

IPR, Host

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