Snitch For Your Lives! DHS Wants You To Be Paranoid Today #SEESAY #SEESAYDAY

Today is See Say Day. If you See Something, Say Something is part of the home effort to win the war on terror. But it’s not Islamic Terrorists you’re hunting: it’s Domestic Violent Extremists or DVEs.

If you see something, say something. Unless you’re seeing green-screen glitches on the ISS. If you see through the fake news, say nothing. Otherwise, do as the DHS says and be paranoid. Snitch for your lives.

Bewilderingly, it was not considered terrorism when that Environmentalist set himself on fire on a tennis court wearing a shirt that said “End UK Private Jets.”  This is communist class warfare disguised as environmentalism.

Poor vs Rich, Rich vs Poor, the Poor having been replaced by the Environment, which we must save or it will kill us all. In other words: redistributing the wealth of the poor will eat the rich.

Ultimately “rich” is code for individual, and “poor” is code for collective.

Sky News host Andrew Bolt says doubting climate change has become a “mental condition”—- but it’s perfectly healthy to self-immolate for Gaia/ Clown World…



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