HOAX ALERT: Indonesia Football Match Stampede a Mass Casualty Larp #psyop #autohoax #stampede #soccer

This apparent psyop is coincidental to the Las Vegas mass shooting hoax at the Harvest Festival. I will be updating this post later today…

Hoax Alert. Here are my findings so far:

  • The event itself looks like a staged riot. Is that even tear gas or theatrical smoke or military concealment fog?
  • The bodies we do see are apparently unharmed, not showing signs of having been mangled. No contortions of any kind. As someone who has seen many accident victims, I can attest to the unusually undisturbed and uncontorted, not to mention bloodlessness of these bodies, perfectly arranged like sardines. Why were they moved from the death scene? Moving bodies without backboards is a messy business. Where is the blood?
Those people placed themselves there.
  • I’m looking for evidence of actual deaths, 174 I’m seeing reports that “34” died there, and the rest in the hospital. Seems like a mass casualty LARP. The theatre on the field used a) real tear gas or b) concealment smog/ theatrical smoke
  • It looks Drilly. Note how it takes three to improperly carry a 90lb conscious “victim”:
Nice identifying wrist-band, casualty role-player!
  • They have reported that “34 died in the stadium” and the other 140 in the hospital. Can you say mass casualty larp?
  • It also seems that observant locals were expecting a big psyop:
“Beware of Hoaxes and Provocations!”
  • How unexpected:
At least these two managed to find one another in the chaos. Usually, it’s the single shoes the MSM focuses on.

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