Sorry John Kirszenberg, Your Lies Are Falling Apart

John. You repeatedly mispresent and lie about me. It’s been nearly five years. You’re a lowlife cyberstalker and this obsession has ruined your image. Nobody likes a cyberbully. You bragged about doxxing 400 people.

Then I doxxed you. I bet that hurt, didn’t it? You were so afraid of being memed. What a cry bully bitch you turned out to be!

You lied to the judge. You lied to your lawyers–well, they were paid to believe your lies– to the tune of $30,000. You should have just paid a therapist or tried out that “mindful meditation” you used to blog about. To be honest, you look more familiar with Big Macs than Yoga poses.

Your lies about David Rubini’s lawsuit aren’t going to stick, John. I hope you understand this. Go ahead and visit the Dark Matter site. I have my position back as Program Manager despite your best attempts to ruin that for me.

You have (again) been exposed as a vindictive little bitch on the big bad Internet attempting to cash in on hurt feelings. $642,000? Haha. HAHAHA. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


Tim Ozman,

IPR Host,

DMDN, Program Manager

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