“Q” aka Marcus Goldfinch’s New Alias: “MARC PAUL”

I wrote Q a little letter on the new social media site where Trumpers are trying to brand Ron Desantis as the next Trump. Q is actually Marcus Goldfinch, now going as Marc Paul. Evidence? Here: http://marcusgoldfinch.icu/

This is what I sent to his profile at TheRonald.Win:

“I have evidence you committed 4th Degree Felony ID Theft”


Tim Ozman 

Tim Ozman

Marc Paul (lol), Marcus Goldfinch, Q, George News:
You are DONE.
You will not escape justice. I have the original copy I PHISHED from you. Remember that? That’s not all I’ve fished. Your brother David has given me a lot of useful info. You need to come clean soon because my friends and I will literally drag you out into the spotlight. Here is the copy-paste of YOUR EMAIL:

1. “What I had planned to do a year ago BEFORE I started hitting IPS’ channels hard ( so far 32 channels terminated and over 80 individual videos taken down ) was to down load ALL his content and then once the channel was terminated, I would become the ‘official’ rights holder on YouTueb to the content. If he ever tried to upload the same ‘old’ videos at a later date, after I had already uploaded them, I could take them down for copyright infringement under YouTube’s “Someone uploaded my creation to YouTube” option… and its worked… thats why he is so frustrated. My TIMOZMAN channel is SO heavily branded as such, that YouTube will ALWAYS give me the benefit of the doubt. As my take-down rate goes up, so does my ‘trusted status’ within the YouTube algorithm… I.e My requests get dealt to faster. I have copies on soundcloud of ALL the music IPS uses as intro’s for his videos… even 15secs of a track is enough to warrant a YouTube copyright strike….””

2. ———- Forwarded message ——— From: MGTV Channel Date: Tue, Oct 30, 2018 at 9:35 PM Subject: Re: Trademark Complaint Received To: , , Dear YouTube, I am the legal owner of the name ‘TIMOZMAN’ and ‘INFINITE PLANE SOCIETY’ They are just two of MY brand names. That is ME in the video speaking. To prove it as such, I have pointed my domain name and brand identity TIMOZMAN dot COM to my YouTube Channel that hold that same name, as well as INFINITEPLANESOCIETY.ORG I have also copied in myself to this email using my brand identities. Please let me know if you wish to communicate with me via those email addresses if it helps.”

As you can see Marcus Goldfinch/ Marc Paul, I have what I need to have you indicted on Felony ID Theft. I don’t know how your buddy Trump would feel about that. Sad probably. Because you will go to jail, bitch, and you will pay the INFINITE PLANE SOCIETY.

Tim Ozman,
IPR Host

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