Infinite Plane Radio Deplatformed on Major Podcasting Platforms

Infinite Plane Radio is a caller-driven live podcast that delves into what host Tim Ozman describes as the “metascript” perspective of world events. They were pulled off Spotify as the result of a fraudulently filed copyright complaint. 

Albuquerque, November 10, 2022: Infinite Plane Radio censored on all the major podcasting platforms, including Apple, Spotify, and iTunes.

Many of the same free-speech challenges which cause social media platforms to ban voices with little consideration for the principle of free speech when weighed against the potential hurt feelings of future anonymous victims of said speech are now migrating into the podcasting sphere. 

Infinite Plane Radio was pulled from two dozen separate podcasting platforms over spurious copyright claims by individuals acting in bad faith. This is similar to what IPR experienced on Youtube for years: the company’s terms of service make it easy for citizen censors to play dirty and get away with silencing voices and there are no repercussions. 

Infinite Plane Radio host Tim Ozman has demonstrated Youtube’s legal department’s complicity in felony identity theft with their collusion with Marcus Goldfinch who has falsely claimed Tim Ozman’s voice from 2018 to the present.

This latest brush with censorship is not deterring Tim who has launched “Tim Ozman Uncensored:

I’m thinking of doing 15 min videos Including press releases to city councils I can get 10k subs fast if I decide to go through with this. I’ll need about 300 patrons to keep operating 24-7 with a Print Newspaper and this separate feed of video-audio which will remain safe and uncensorable. I’ll get it on apple, amazon, iTunes, and Spotify. I will be the calm professional face of the IPS thought-crime-syndicate. If the Tim Ozman Uncensored program never goes down and we reach “Critical Raft” in terms of numbers, we will get back-to-back calls again.

Although censored, harassed, and targeted for five years, Infinite Plane Radio continues to press on. You can tune in at https://ips.monster. 

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