YE Threatens Micahel Rapaport via Voicemail: “You better have your security…f*** you, Michael Rapaport. When I catch you go, it’s going to be on film.”

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Wow!!! I just got this voicemail! WOW!

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This is correct number right there. That’s my home because he didn’t listen, um, my Michael. This is Ye Yo, bro. Check this out for him. You are trying to take away my free speech, bro. And although you got connections without and your friends film, this, blocking me from Instagram and Twitter and all those other platforms is trying to silence me, bro. You called me a crackpot, fam. Yo bro, check this out. Michael Rapaport. You think you’re so tough? I’m gonna treat you. Like I treat meat meal and Puff Daddy film. Yo, fuck you, Michael Rapaport. When I catch you go, it’s going to be on film. You don’t know what a crackpot, he is Fam. I’m not no crack baby, bro, check this out. I’m going deaf, can three on you go? When I see you Michael Rapaport, you better have your security. What you fam? Don’t you ever go to Chicago? Don’t ever go to melt?

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