Criminal Complaint Filed Against Qanon Influencer GEORGE NEWS #georgenews #qanon #trump #cybercrimes

The New Mexico Office of Attorney General has received a Criminal Complaint against George News CEO and Qanon Influencer Marcus Goldfinch:

He violated New Mexico Statutes Chapter 30. Criminal Offenses § 30-16-24.1., which is Theft of identity; obtaining identity by electronic fraud as part of a multiyear malicious cyberstalking campaign against me:

“This criminal complaint is based on these facts:  Marcus P Goldfinch used electronic fraud to steal my business name and convince Youtube, LLC he was the owner of my podcast, my voice, and my content. Using my stolen identity, likeness, and voice, he falsely represented my work as his and he enlisted the help of Youtube’s Legal Dept to falsely and illegally obtain my copyrights and trademarks. From 2018 to the present, he has represented himself as me on Youtube.com and holds my copyrights in their view.Additionally, Marcus P Goldfinch committed wire fraud by soliciting donations to a Paypal account registered to his email address by deceiving website visitors and stealing their money under false pretenses that he was me.”

Marcus P. Goldfinch is the proprietor of George News

I will be on the phone with the NM AG’s office tomorrow. My next step is to publish this complaint in a formal press release.

It’s been 4 years. I think it’s time to put a stop to Marcus Goldfinch’s harassment and stalking and theft.


Tim Ozman

IPR Host

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