George News Disinformation Agent, Fake Patriot #georgenews

George News is a top disseminator of Qanon-sense. You can thank George News for the bizarre fixation on John K Kennedy Jr. 

The CEO of George News, an avowed insurrectionist and election denialist, is not even American. Why is an actor/ stuntman from New Zealand posing as MAGA Patriot? Because he’s a disinformation agent. Basically, he’s a paid liar on a mission to discredit well-intentioned patriotic Americans.

George News is managed by Marcus Goldfinch, who committed Felony Identity Theft against me in 2017. I have a petition to get Youtube to give back my trademarks which Goldfinch falsely asserted (you can sign that here Petition · Stop Youtube LLC From Suppressing The Infinite Plane Radio Podcast · Change.org

Tim Ozman,

IPR Host

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