IPS Inciter 12/30/22

Days away from an IPR Relaunch

Final Night of Editing.

I think tonight will be my final night hyperfocused on editing and publishing. Tomorrow, we’ll return to the live stream.

Points of interest:

  1. Andrew Tate’s arrest, Greta’s gloating
  2. Secret Religion of the Elite, 2nd Edition, has been published. 
  3. World Stage Deprogramming Guide has been published, and signed copies will be sent out in the next few days. 
  4. I have a third manuscript, untitled, which is nearing a final draft which will be released tomorrow.
  5. Ye is missing.
  6. The Infinite Plane Media and Infinite Plane Society sites are under development. I’m making some improvements all around.

Infinite Plane Radio will relaunch with a more precise mission statement and growth plan. Stay Tuned via INFINITEPLANE.tv, IPS.Monster.

Tim Ozman,


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