Youtube Trademark Theft: 244 signatures so far. I have some updates.


Thank you for signing the petition. Please share this post if you can. The more of that sign, the more likely Youtube LLC will have to take action. Here are some recent updates:

I submitted my latest manuscript for publication in 2022. The new one is called:

The Schism In Everything: 2022 From A Metascript Perspective  

This book consists of cleaned-up, streamlined, and chronologically ordered blog posts from 2022.

  1. The other two are the World Stage Deprogramming Guide, and 
  2. Secret Religion of The Elite, 2nd Edition.

The main site’s redesign is complete if you want to take a look:


We’ll be back on today, Infinite Plane Saturnday. 

Tim Ozman,

IPR Host

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