1 STAR REVIEWS: “Purple Dinosaur” NAZI-Owned Medical Cannabis Delivery @davej50488027 #marijuana

Just what are you smoking Dave J?

Purple Dinosaur is a medical weed delivery service in Tracy, CA. The proprietor might be lacing the drugs with something based upon his bizarre and obsessive tweets ranging from merely conspiratorial to full-blown racist and anti-Jew rhetoric.

I didn’t know who Dave J was until this morning. My Twitter was a buzz with rumors of my involvement with secret societies along with plenty of ad hominem attacks, accusing me of witchcraft and interrogating me about my rank in the Illuminati.

He refers to Jews as (G)ews to evade hate speech bans.

Do you want this guy to have copies of your identification?

Purple Dinosaur Collective Delivery Serving Tracy Mountain …

https://www.weedsta.com › Dispensary › Tracy

This internet troll and NAZI is presently lurking in my Tweets spreading nonsensical drivel in a lousy attempt at smearing me.

The reviews I have found are terrible. This one is worth mentioning:

” I understand with his business he is afraid of being jumped, robbed, etc..but if he wasn’t such a rude person FROM THE BEGINNING that all would have never happened and we would have never been so upset. He has no integrity with his business or when dealing with people. PURPLE DINOSAUR SELLS POISON, AND I FEEL BAD FOR THE CUSTOMERS UNLIKE MYSELF WHO DO NOT KNOW BETTER. TOO MUCH BUTANE=BLEEDING LUNGS. LOOK FOR SWIRLS OR METTALIC LOOKING COLOR. I am disgusted that a “medical collective” that is supposed to have top-notch product, makes people even more sick. Looking at his pictures from the top, his crumble is mediocre at best but definitely not worth 40-50$ more li” —https://wheresweed.com/california/tracy/marijuana-delivery/purple-dinosaur-delivery-service/reviews

His personal attacks aren’t particularly interesting or informed. I suspect it’s the drugs Tweeting.

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