I have a viable and immediately actionable plan to beat Marcus Goldfinch and Youtube LLC at this game and have him charged with the appropriate crimes——but I will need your help one more time. 

Here are the facts:

  1. I own the copyright and trademark to “Tim Ozman,” “Infinite Plane Society,” and “Infinite Plane Radio.” If you aren’t familiar, you may not know that USPTO registrations aren’t explicitly needed if you’re engaged in commerce with your mark. common law trademark rights have been developed under a judicially created scheme of rights governed by state law. Federal registration, a system created by federal statute, is not required to establish common law rights in a mark, nor is it required to begin the use of a mark. 
  2. My rights to use these names are established and recognized by the courts. My Cybersquatting case versus Marcus Goldfinch failed only for lack of service address and Marcus’ bad faith evasiveness with regard to court paperwork.
  3. In 2018, he claimed rights to Tim Ozman, Infinite Plane Society, and my literal “voice.” He wrote Youtube’s legal department to tell them that my voice was his. They handed him my trademarks and copyrights and thus, I’ve been unable to stop him from scrubbing me off various platforms, including Spotify a couple of months ago.
  4. I have had most of his imposter accounts pulled, including Twitter, which refused my claims for three years.
  5. He recently claimed the Youtube unique handle @timozman and made a fake account. He claims to be me, and Youtube has deleted 4 of my channels for filing impersonation claims. (They side with him because he owns Timozman.com and uses the email info@timozman.com). 

Here are the alleged crimes Marcus Goldfinch has committed:

  • Identify Theft. The evidence is in the email sent by Marcus Goldfinch to Youtube’s legal. Here is an excerpt: 

———- Forwarded message ——— From: MGTV Channel <eas.myoplex@gmail.com> Date: Tue, Oct 30, 2018 at 9:35 PM Subject: Re: Trademark Complaint Received To: <trademark+2xkm5cgkzepu50c@support.youtube.com>, <info@infiniteplanesociety.org>, <info@timozman.com> Dear YouTube, I am the legal owner of the name ‘TIMOZMAN’ and ‘INFINITE PLANE SOCIETY’ They are just two of MY brand names. That is ME in the video speaking. To prove it as such, I have pointed my domain name and brand identity TIMOZMAN dot COM to my YouTube Channel that hold that same name, as well as INFINITEPLANESOCIETY.ORG I have also copied in myself to this email using my brand identities. Please let me know if you wish to communicate with me via those email addresses if it helps.”

  • Cyber Squatting  — The Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act (ACPA) authorizes a trademark owner to sue an alleged cybersquatter in federal court and obtain a court order transferring the domain name back to the trademark owner. In some cases, the cybersquatter must pay monetary damages. His purposeful and malicious squatting will likely result in treble (triple) damages. Marcus Goldfinch is squatting on TimOzman.com, timozman.Org, Infiniteplanesociety.Org, and many many more. These domains have been used to steal traffic and falsely claim content rights to shut the Infinite Plane Society down. I have a 29-page damage complaint ready to serve him once he is found.
  • Wire-Fraud  – Marcus Goldfinch used the imposter accounts to solicit sales of products and donations. He received payments, and I have the receipts to prove it. info@timozman.com was used to collect payments…which is wire fraud–to a Paypal account which I verified by sending payments.  Merely having that capability to take money electronically deceptively constituted wire fraud.
  • Aggravated Cyberstalking, including a year of harassing and threatening emails, attempts at extortion, intimidation, writing to my family with creepy and vaguely ominous messages, and more.

Here is the strategy

  1. I will file for a USPTO registration on Infinite Plane Radio and Tim Ozman, and Infinite Plane Society. I had common-law trademark rights declared in 2010 and 2016 respectively, and this is recognized by the courts.  Even though droogs like Goldfinch and my other stalker claim I don’t have any copyrights, I do. Marcus will learn what this means very soon. Having a USPTO registration will make things much easier in my fight against Youtube LLC.
  2. I will then sue Youtube LLC for aiding Marcus Goldfinch in stealing my copyrights and trademarks. I have more than four-hundred DMCA takedown notices that Youtube LLC refused to serve. 
    My lawsuit against them will surely draw Marcus Goldfinch out as he’s a party to what is provably felony Identity Theft.

The price of total victory:

I am going to cover as much of the costs as I can to make this work. I will need a little help getting the USPTO fees covered.

I aim to raise enough for an LLC registration or two, plus the USPTO registrations. Everything helps to keep things moving. This is a necessary upgrade and will ensure total victory. Goldfinch nor Youtube LLC will be able to continue this “game” or whatever it is.

Thank you for your participation and support.

Tim Ozman,

IPR Host


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