THE END OF “GEORGE NEWS”? #georgenews #marcusgoldfinch

I just e-filed the Civil Suit. I’ll be in touch with the county courthouse in the AM I’ll be providing copies to VICE, Daily Beast, RAWstory, Breitbart, Daily Sun Uk, and a host of other outlets next. The Hacking of my KICKSTARTER yesterday was easily the dumbest thing he could have done. Kickstarter inadvertently allowed Marcus to commit ID Theft, Wire Fraud, and Hacking, all at once—and now someone there is a witness in the case against him. For all my evidence, I didn’t have an accountable human witness to his crimes I could drag into the mix. The owners of the various Domains Registries are impossible to reach. Youtube’s Trademark and Copyright Dept is ignoring me in a Kafka-Esque sort of way–it’s totally impersonal. But this interaction with KICKSTARTER —will look TERRIBLE on their security…and for a CROWDFUNDING site, that’s a HUGE deal. I expect full compliance from them and have already shared the FBI report with them. I also shared it with MG to put him on notice that with his Gmail, that recent hack, and the Youtube fraud, he is going to be investigated.

  • This entire thing is unfathomably ugly. It didn’t have to go this way but it’s done. I fail to see an out for him.
  • Is he really “Q”?

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