Another Day, Another Stalker: “DAVEJ” was Reported to FBI

 Stalking is defined in Penal Code 646.9 PC as harassing or threatening another person to the point where that individual fears for his or her safety. The fact he thinks I am an evil Jewish woman terrifies me. I believe he is severely mentally ill and dangerous, for he truly believes I am his enemy “Transgendered Jew,” and I fear he may do me harm.

That is a scary delusion!

I warned Dave Johnson to back off a month ago. He came back spamming my chat and sending me direct messages. He wanted evidence that I would be reporting him to law enforcement if he didn’t back off.

If you are a friend of DaveJ, perhaps encourage him to find another victim for his antisemitic transphobic hate. I’m not even Jewish and I’m not transgendered.

Here is my complaint:

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