BUSTED: “Handsome Truth” of GoyimTV Grooming Minors #goyimtv #alexstein #groomer

Like an Antisemite version of Alex Stein, Jon Minadeo II aka “Handsome Truth” has adopted a cringe persona to troll City Council Meetings. His new persona is a racist gay Jew. It’s probably not funny but that’s not a crime.

But now he’s taking his act to minors.

He went online and spoke to a couple of minors using vulgar pornographic language and asked intimate questions that can only be described as grooming. Minadeo certainly crossed the line legally speaking:

The Supreme Court has ruled that, “transmitting obscenity and child pornography, whether via the Internet or other means, is… illegal under federal law for both adults and juveniles.”

Reno v. ACLU, 521 U.S. 844 (1998).

In this video: 

Graphic Language Warning

He is  talking to children about snorting cocaine off of erections and asking questions like “Did you go all the way with your surgery?” To be rebuffed with “I’m only 17,” to which he responded with a comment about his “man p***sy.”

What’s more disgusting is he makes a comment about his doctor being a diversity hire, using racial epithets. 

At one point he asks the minors:

“Have you got STDs,…you guys are young…” and proceeds to ask about their sex lives. 

If their parents didn’t consent to this conversation then Jon Minadeo II should be charged with some kind of sex crime.  It’s never okay to speak like this to minors. 

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