“CHINESE BALLOON and SPACE WARS PSYOP PREP” Infinite Plane Radio 2/5/23

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We will be back on Spotify once my lawsuit gets served. They need that before they can act in my favor. As of now, Marcus Goldfinch’s claim over my content stands since he took the channel down last October with a false ownership claim. 

Also, see the Truman Show Chinese Space Balloon mashup:  https://youtu.be/azv7to3R7ac

Penguin with Blue Wrench Tote Bag



** Things are moving along swimingly. The final obstacle is paying the process server to hand the papers to Youtube/Google. If you can help here are the links I appreciate this and could not have sued the enemies of the channel with your support. Once it’s served, I will release it to the press. I am also selling a limited number of private commissions here: https://ko-fi.com/s/02b68804a9  Thank you.

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