IPS Lawfare Update

I have put a lot of time and resources into stopping Youtube and Goldfinch’s continued sabotage of my channel. The suit has been filed. Once that process server gets paid, I can:

  • get my 4000 Spotify subs back
  • regain control of my content on Youtube
  • build a sustainable channel

We must get Marcus Goldfinch and Youtube LLC under control to proceed with the Infinite Plan. I am still working on paying the process server. I’m about 40% there. After I cover that expense, I’ll pay for phones and re-streaming software and Spotify at which point we’ll be live again.

This is not mere internet beef—-he’s committed identity theft, hacking, cybersquatting, stalking, and a multiyear defamation campaign to try and shut me up. Youtube collaborates with him–EVEN TO THIS DAY.

I appreciate you for sticking with this. I will not allow this White House cybercriminal hacker to ruin what we have builthttp://marcusgoldfinch.icu/. Here are some ways you can help bring him down.

Superchats https://ko-fi.com/timozman

Cash App: https://cash.app/$infiniteplanesociety

VENMO https://venmo.com/timozman  

PAYPAL  https://www.paypal.me/InfinitePlaneSociety

Tim Ozman,

IPR Host

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