Ohio Train Crash Will Wake Nobody Because There Is Too Much White Noise

People are not going to “wake up” because of the Ohio train derailment and subsequent explosion that was predicted in White Noise on Netflix a few weeks before.

CNN is reporting on this “eerie coincidence,” therefore I conclude it is meant to be exposed. 

If people see it as an isolated event, then they are merely being led to conclude it’s an anomaly. It’s a “can’t see the forest for the trees” situation. They see the isolated psychological operation of the news cycle and cannot see the wider psychological war, which exists 24/7.  Most don’t see the psywar because they focus on the psyop.

Unless they can see it’s a diversion from the fact that major events being planned is the norm they won’t “wake up.” 

Truthers will think the Ohio train derailment was a “False Flag,” or a “LIHOP” (Let It Happen On Purpose). They will see intentionality for this one event but will be saddled with belief in a “real chemical toxic airborne event”. 

We are being fed a False Flag/ Guardrail explanation that omits the fakery. If regular news consumers, aka “world stagers,” wake up to its intentionality but still think it is otherwise real, they become “False Flaggers” and don’t exit the world stage.

How many people did the Jussie Smollett hoax wake up?

None. It was a fake exposure. Nobody could see he was the norm being presented as an anomaly. The same goes for George Santos, the infamous fabulist that lied his way into elected office. He’s a total construct. His history is entirely fabricated. By exposing him, the MSM and politicians make it appear that he is an anomaly. These fake exposures or revelations are misdirection operations.

World-stagers, that is, those who implicitly trust the screen is portraying reality, confuse it for a window to the world when it’s a filter.

We exist in what CIA Spy Chief James Angleton termed a “wilderness of mirrors”. The screen must be preemptively questioned when it comes to conspicuously planned events. Anyone can see predictive programming and immediately dismiss it as merely an eerie coincidence; an example of life following art.

What’s the solution?

Autohoaxology 101 deconstructs the False Flag Fallacy, explains the premise of “fake until proven real”, and distinguishes between the reasoning of the MSM true believer vs the skeptical media analyst. 

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