Don’t Be Conned by Conspiracy Research Community Dogma

How The Conspiracy Research Community Conceals The Deep Faked Reality And Deepens The MSM Illusions

Notice how the false-flag-pushing non-autohoaxing conspiracy channels will point at the predictive programming but fail to mention the events are hoaxes. This means they see the event as both real and worse than reported; worse than the MSM believers think it is because now it has the element of a sinister conspiracy. They add a level of horror to the story and don’t subtract anything. By adding to the narrative, they go deeper into the World stage illusion.

Wittingly or not, most popular conspiracy researchers, I contend, are part of the MSM ecosystem; they exist for this purpose.  

This is what we call MSM +. It means MSM plus some unverified information that suggests things are way worse and there is a cover-up. MSM+ types will say “You’re being distracted from blank” like a mantra. This explains why conspiracy theorists are agitated when they see “sleeping” MSM believers. They haven’t awakened to the “+” part of the narrative. You hear them say, “nobody is talking about BLANK.” This position assumes the MSM believers simply aren’t up to speed or are too distracted.

The MSM+ conspiracy theorist doesn’t “autohoax” the situation. They run with False Flag explanations that assume the story is rooted in reality. This is a big assumption with big media.

The autohoaxer perspective or “MSM-”, in stark contrast, subtracts unverifiable information and uses reality as a starting point. The autohoaxer looks at the MSM as fake until proven real.

Importantly, instances of predictive programming cannot logically be explained away as “Revelation of the Method” which is patent nonsense.

Predictive and concurrent Programming is meant to make you think the fake news is real. It’s not the result of some cosmic contract with the universe. The common explanation that “dark occultist” baddies are gloating at their control over the MSM true believers is misinformation. These explanations are meant to prevent you from peeking behind the curtain and seeing perception management psychological operations are the norm and not the exception.

The truth lies in what facts and reality-tested claims reveal.

The MSM believers and the MSM+ both fall for the same error of treating the news as real until proven fake. Notable MSM+ types are Stew Peters, Alex Jones, and current thingers chasing the next fear-based twist to put on mainstream events.

The conspiracy research communities take the “what is it?” question and turn it into “whodunnit?” and from there the truth seekers will line up to focus on the latest scapegoat.

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Tim Ozman,

IPR, Host

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