These last few months have been epic.

I have been waging this lawfare against Youtube and my stalker Marcus Goldinch to great effect. We have them in a suit that will help make IPS what it’s meant to be, first off by restoring my right to publish without all these infringements. 

In the last few months, I’ve developed the IPS Institute, published books, put audiobooks into production, and continued to develop the IPS Infinite Plan. 

Everything was running smoothly despite the setbacks, except for the financial side of things. I’ve done my best. My eBay store was off to a strong start. 250 sales in this short time:

We launched the world’s first AI-Generated Tabloid at CONSPIRATAINED.com and are prepared to launch a print version.

The official IPS channel is enabled for mobile streaming: https://youtube.com/@infiniteplanesociety

What I am getting at here is that we have done quite well. 


Despite my efforts, I fell too far behind and am facing eviction.

As of tomorrow, I’ll be technically homeless. I don’t even have time to rent a moving vehicle which means leaving with what I can carry. 

I have ended all eBay auctions and am preparing for what comes next. 

I could have quit IPS and taken on a job months ago but I really wanted to get the case against Youtube and Goldfinch filed, which I did. I knew the risks I was taking by doubling down here.

I am not quitting. But I am about to lose everything–temporarily. I’ll be leaving computers and my art supplies behind. All drawings, notebooks, paintings, possessions, etc, will have to be abandoned. 

I want to say thanks to everyone that is a part of the IPS Think Tank. 

I apparently missed a crucial date and even if I paid up now, I still have to vacate by 9AM.

If you can help out with my transitional period here are some links:

Superchats https://ko-fi.com/timozman

Cash App: https://cash.app/$infiniteplanesociety

VENMO https://venmo.com/timozman

PAYPAL https://www.paypal.me/InfinitePlaneSociety 

I am NOT going “dark.” Things are just going to be in flux until I get a resolution with the Youtube LLC and Marcus Goldfinch situation.

I am immediately going to find a motel and a job. 

–Tim Ozman,


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