Johhny Circucci of ‘Resistance Rising’ Flips On Tim Ozman

The Interview with Johhny Circucci of ‘Resistance Rising’ has been uploaded here:

Following this interview, he had two or three public meltdowns about it. No big deal.

A lot of people liked the interview I just listened to it on the replay and I think it went very well. We covered a lot of ground and I think we all were able to bring out our best information on the topic in a structured way. The audience had a similar and overwhelmingly positive response—-at first.

The day after they had a total change of heart on the whole matter they went from thinking it went well, “let’s do a follow-up!”, to now I’m a Jesuit-witch, and some kind of disingenuous shill.

That idea came to them through his “flying monkeys,” who are basically anonymous people on the Internet digging up information, rumors, or conjecture.

He didn’t ask me, “Are you a witch?”

No, he just started uploading subsequent videos in which he called me a piece of crap multiple times. He didn’t contact me. He didn’t say, “Hey, by the way, I hate you now.” He didn’t tell me anything. In fact, I only heard about his follow-up videos from someone else and it kind of surprised me because he did a total 180°.

If you watch the interview … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzWskFAo04Y

…you’ll agree that it went very well; there’s no animosity. The follow-up was pretty bad and his criticism seemed to be centered around my lack of professed religiosity. My lack of faith in a religion. Unlike him and his clique, I’m not born again.

He’s plainly bigoted against anyone who isn’t part of his religious paradigm and he didn’t have the guts to contact me and say he hates my guts. I’ve noticed this with passive-aggressive types: they wait until you respond and they look at your response as your sole characterization. Now you’re no longer the person they have a rapport with but instead, you’re the person flinging mud back.

Passive aggressiveness is intended to trigger overt aggression which can then be called out. They get power over people who don’t like being gaslit.

I’m gonna pretend I didn’t hear his follow-up comments and remain blissfully unaware. I will still upload the interview and through my channels, it will get more hits than all of his videos that followed.

No one’s going to know that we’re not friends and in this way, he gets punished for not being more direct with me and that interview still does some good.

Just imagine how hurt my feelings would be if I actually had any or if I actually cared what these people thought. I mean yes, he called me a piece of crap, but it just seems to me that some people are just weak and they buckle under the weight of public pressure. It seems like the people in this chat are trying to maintain a pure religious group and they don’t want me to upset their little community. That’s fine by me as I don’t wanna be a part of their community.

I was there for this one conversation and I’m fine if there’s not gonna be a follow-up.


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