If you are a press pass caring reporter or observer of the world stage from the off-world stage perspective and you wanna take a more active role as such, go to https://infiniteplane.media/ and click the link that says press room.

What we’re creating here is the official IPR Press Club of which you are all members. I’m formally organizing it we’re going to need a social media contact for each person that we will use for the purposes of sharing and also within our own media ecosystem sharing each other’s links etc. Preferably Twitter; no need to go to any of this controlled opposition supposedly free speech platforms.

Twitter’s useful because it’s where you can literally reach anybody or make their obvious avoidance of you itself notable. TikTok has been very bad to us but whatever the case if you go to the site https://infiniteplane.press/pressroom/ you’ll see what I mean because we have a dedicated blog for this press club and as it develops I’m gonna explain how we’re going to approach augmenting what the MSM shows us by what we can bring into the picture, not just as casual observers but also as interviewers, as witnesses, fact-checkers, and reality testers, etc.

This is not a new project we’re just formalizing it and rolling it out. We initially started sending people out with press passes when the hospitals turned out to be empty (save for dancing nurses), but we have a variety of very interesting projects. Some involve in-person investigation, interviews likely, others are simply things that we can do over the phone or over the Internet via email.

We have an endless array of stories to cover and the fields wide open. We’re moving into print publication and this is going to be a tabloid. We’ve already made progress in that area we’ve done test runs with a couple of issues. We have everything in place. All we need now is the content; we’re here to create contact and we’ve already sent reporters to many scenes we have experience in it but now it’s time that we consolidate it.

That’s the purpose of the Infinite Plane Media site. What we do requires categorization. We’re diverse in our interests and in what we produce. For the time being I’m going to be putting a lot of time and effort into consolidating our reportage.


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