Infinite Plane Radio 3/16/23

Good Afternoon.

Today is March 16, 2023.

Caution, this recording may contain Mind Junk, Skepticism, Non-Belief, and World Stage Spoiler Alerts.

These are the topics on my Minds (minds.com/infiniteplanesociety), in no particular disorder:

  1. Elon Musk has “resurrected” the real Q to Twitter. The account @TheCollectiveQ is active with 165k Q-believers. This is the real JFK Jr. Fan Club.
  2. George Magazine is now in its 4th issue. Eugene Ho, Trump photographer, is behind this mess. He’s still dealing hopium and Trumpianity. Yes, Trump is the only man who can save us–and no just America-but he has the world on his shoulders. Do Marcus Goldfinch and Eugine Ho know each other? Obviously. Ho is covering for cybercriminal Goldfinch, IMO.
  3. I watched a show called American Greed last night about Jho Low, a major-league financial fraudster. This was on CNBC. The focus was on his 33rd Birthday party during which Brintey Spears jumped out of the cake. The villain of the story, Jho Low, had a story that mirrors that of Getter financier and Steve Bannon sugar-daddy, Guo Wengui. Both stories involve billions of dollars in fraud. That CNBC is airing this as Bannon’s guy is exposed cannot be a coincidence.
  4. Autistic as both a compliment and a side effect, admired and feared by the same people: “On a separate conservative podcast last week, Jones claimed Trump is “autistic and very charismatic” while describing a phone call the former president allegedly had with Jones’ wife.”
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