World War Infinite: Perpetual Theatre of Psywar

“The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name.” – Confucius 

The Theatre of Psywar is a subjective world superimposed upon the objective one. Our mediated reality is faith-based, feelings-backed, idealistic, and skewed by a subjective and heavily indoctrinated interpretation.

The worldview humanity shares, as defined by government media collectively, is our defacto religion. This new religion has supplanted and/or replaced the Old Testament flood narrative with Climate Change; sin with viruses; original sin with carbon footprints; expiation of guilt/ confession with recycling; tithing with carbon taxes; Heaven with Outer Space; evil with hate; salvation and transcendence with digital immortality; and God will likely reveal himself through AI.

“The beginning of wisdom is the definition of terms.” – Socrates

Properly classifying our operating assumptions as knowledge or belief based is essential to discerning the Real World from the World Stage. 


This division is how we eliminate self-deception and blindspots where our perceptions have been outsourced to media operating in bad faith. This requires admitting to what we actually know, versus what we wish to be true (or in many cases, things we fear might be true).

Case in point: 

Many people claim to know the earth’s curvature can be observed by watching boats go over the horizon. Well, they don’t. The limits of human vision create this optical illusion. If this were not so, then telescopic lenses would not magically return objects over the curve back into view. 

What is actually happening is, the telescopic lens can still separate the boats from the horizon at a greater distance than the human eye. This means that, if one were to claim on a naked eye observation the world is a ball, their conclusion would be refutable by facts. Thus, one can only claim a belief in the ball based on something other than boats going over a horizon.

People assert this out of indoctrination and repeating what they have been told. Their trust in institutions replaces direct perception or observational data. This area of blind faith belief replaces specific knowledge.  Moreover, the false sense of knowing safeguards one from finding out that their answers are inadequate. 

False knowledge, or “lies”, is the stuff of Psywar. The promulgators of this false knowledge, this false light designates true light as darkness. This is the nature of the inverted reality entrancing the screened minds of the multitudes. 

The narratives they push are attractive to Believers; in fact, they are explicitly target marketed. The school shooter archetype is engineered to frighten gun-control advocates. They tap into wishful thinking or cultivated phobias with every psychological operation. 

Many beliefs are assumed to be true based on logically fallacious reasoning. Logical fallacies allow false or untested notions to be shoehorned in without due diligence. Primarily, peoples’ perceptions are clouded by the Argument From Authority represented by the ubiquitous screen, the face of the monolithic media, and our defacto monotheistic religion. Our collective frame of reference establishes boundaries and parameters with its lies. It proffers another false religious paradigm, this one aiming at the total and complete unification of all mankind.  

The unity of 2020 would suggest it has already succeeded in converting most of the world the saved and unsaved in this new faith. Both the saved, the vaccinated, and the unsaved, the anti-vaxxers, are converts, each taking a position within a controlled dialectic.

The perpetual psywar keeps everyone in the same worldview. To exit this, to be a conscientious objector, is to not only avoid sides but also to abandon the perceived safety of a centrist or moderate position. 

I choose to be guided by reason, evidence, and observation over faith and trust in any filter, be it religious, ideological, or otherwise. “We” lost the religious war. I did not. This is always going to be the case.

The final point here is this: We are in World War Infinite. It never ends. This perpetual mindwar is the defining and dominant form of government and it was in place before the advent of mass media, in the form of religion and ideology, but now it’s formed into a truly universal and ubiquitously held worldview. 

Sure there are a few outliers. We all know how we arrive at our particular vantage points. I suspect for all of us, it occurred the moment we pulled our heads from the box, the assumption that the mediated view is the starting point for what we know. This is a “taking back control” moment where we realize our loci of control had subtly been handed over to a deceiver. This is the moment one goes from a passive consumer of media to an active observer.

There are lots of us. We’re certainly outnumbered by the hive, but that’s no reason not to hive up on our own and magnify our capabilities. That’s what Infinite Plane Society is for. 

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Tim Ozman,

IPR Host

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