The biggest Q-Anon grift in months was orchestrated by Marcus Goldfinch of GEORGE NEWS, who pretends at being JFK Jr, while actually being part of the White House Communications Agency, which gives him clout among Q-believers.

As a servant of former President Donald J Trump, he was awarded a gaudy Gold Key to the White House, the kind which was given to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Two years later, he raffled his key off on the website BuyMeACoffee.com where he was able to sell “chances” to win for $5 each. Over the course of a few months, he raise $113,000+ before supposedly giving it away to a “Linda” in California. There is no independent verification of this at this time.

Just now, BuyMeACoffee shut the account down:


  • This is the banner for GEORGE.NEWS (above) and a key to the White House. Yes, “Q” has a key to the White House.

George News live-streamed President Trump’s news conferences and provided a lot of behind-the-scenes video and photography. https://www.youtube.com/embed/shorts/69HFxAXEDCc?feature=share


GEORGE NEWS, US Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs , December 10, 2020, #17 for Q “The Best Is Yet To Come” Trump/Q slogan on a “SECRET” document

This is an extensive organization with unprecedented access to military operations and training facilities. That is what got the attention of the posters on 4chan. They recorded footage from inside the military hospital ships as well as other military quarantine outposts. 

VP Mike Pence even gave George News a personalized set of suit cuff links.

He was part of “Anonymous” collective of hackers since at least 2008. Marcus Goldfinch was  “AnonymousQ”  and “FBIanon”  and “Qanon” before simply GEORGE NEWS. Somehow they remain under the MSM’s radar.

The Q drops were done by  Q – Anon, who has been demonstrated to be George News with this JFK Jr magazine as cover.

  • Marcus Goldfinch works with RFK Jr and the Trumps. He’s a frequent guest at Mar-a-Lago.
  • He’s independently wealthy as a result of a business deal in 2005 in which he was part owner of EAS-Myoplex when it sold to Abbot Labs; he walked with a large share of 300 million dollars.

It’s likely Marcus could face criminal charges.

Online raffles are considered gambling in some states, which makes them illegal. On a federal level, you must be part of a qualified 501(c) organizations to host a raffle online. Each state also has its own restrictions and regulations regarding raffles. You may have to obtain a permit before you host your raffle.”

(I filed criminal complaints—FBI and FTC against him last month).


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