‘George News’ Calls out Jack Posobiec @JackPosobeic #georgenews

Trump-associated scandal-monger ‘George News’ bitchily lashed out at Jack Posobeic for not being totally into the Hunter Biden laptop scandal:

“Oh, NOW you want to comment on this?! @MarcoPolo501c3 is literally saving the nation right now! You’ve continuously ignored the work they’ve done, and can’t even mention Garrett’s name on your show, as you think it’s “too sensitive” a topic.”

George News is behind the Hunter Biden laptop fan club “MarcoPolo” and seems agitated that literally, nobody cares about this fake scandal.
Recent interest in George New’s connection to Anonymous an Q is growing thanks in large part to Doqholiday, a Qultist himself, who started a wave of inquiries with a single tweet with more than 145 retweets so far.

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