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Marcus Goldfinch is selling his “Key to the White House”: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/georgedc/our-key-to-the-white-house-yours




 “I was able to successfully convince YouTube that he was a fraud. I have actually gone through th Trademark registration process in my personal work life and I know for a fact that IPS doesnt have a leg to stand on….

What I was able to do as soon as he started making the complaints was to kind of rebrand the descriptions of all my channels to insinuate that I have more of a legal right that him to use the names.


What I had planned to do a year ago BEFORE I started hitting IPS’ channels hard ( so far 32 channels terminated and over 80 individual videos taken down ) was to down load ALL his content and then once the channel was terminated, I would become the ‘official’ rights holder on YouTueb to the content. If he ever tried to upload the same ‘old’ videos at a later date, after I had already uploaded them, I could take them down for copyright infringement under YouTube’s “Someone uploaded my creation to YouTube” option… and its worked… thats why he is so frustrated. My TIMOZMAN channel is SO heavily branded as such, that YouTube will ALWAYS give me the benefit of the doubt. As my take-down rate goes up, so does my ‘trusted status’ within the YouTube algorithm… I.e My requests get dealt to faster. I have copies on soundcloud of ALL the music IPS uses as intro’s for his videos… even 15secs of a track is enough to warrant a YouTube copyright strike….”



I have reported this to the FBI Internet Crimes reporting site. I am also adding this hacking (he successfully committed a crime) to the lawsuit I am filing against Youtube LLC and Marcus Goldfinch tomorrow. This is why I’m away from my desk.

He has been attempting to hack ALL my accounts and websites. I am keeping a record. He’s in Seacaucus, New Jersey, according to LinkdIn.

I am busily preparing to sue YT which will put these federal crimes in the spotlight.

I suppose I am a lucky person…..I managed to get hacked, fix it, and I have evidence that is prosecutable, along with a witness at Kickstarter.


Marcus Goldfinch, using the email address timozmanlive@gmail.com logged into my Kickstarter somehow. HE MUST HAVE CONTACTED THEIR CUSTOMER SUPPORT–AS ME–TO HAVE CHANGED THE EMAIL. THEN HE CHANGED MY PROFILE INFORMATION:

I  reported this to Kickstarter and the FBI.

He made changes to my profile–mostly posting links to my other stalker’s defamation website.

I’m working with Kickstarter to get his information.



Marcus Goldfinch’s bad faith domain registrations:

  • TimOzman.com
  • TimOzman.org
  • InfinitePlaneSociety.org
  • Cyber Squatting  — The Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act (ACPA) authorizes a trademark owner to sue an alleged cybersquatter in federal court and obtain a court order transferring the domain name back to the trademark owner. In some cases, the cybersquatter must pay monetary damages. His purposeful and malicious squatting will likely result in treble (triple) damages. Marcus Goldfinch is squatting on TimOzman.com, timozman.Org, Infiniteplanesociety.Org, and many many more. These domains have been used to steal traffic and falsely claim content rights to shut the Infinite Plane Society down. I have a 29-page damage complaint ready to serve him once he is found.


Since 2017 Marcus Goldfinch has been a stalker of the Infinite Plane Society. Against me, it’s been Aggravated Cyberstalking, including a year of harassing and threatening emails, attempts at extortion, intimidation, writing to my family with creepy and vaguely ominous messages, and more.


Marcus Goldfinch claims the voice of Tim Ozman is his. He made this claim to Youtube’s legal department.


Wire-Fraud  – Marcus Goldfinch used the imposter accounts to solicit sales of products and donations. He received payments, and I have the receipts to prove it. info@timozman.com was used to collect payments…which is wire fraud–to a Paypal account which I verified by sending payments.  Merely having that capability to take money electronically deceptively constituted wire fraud.


Marcus Goldfinch falsely claimed trademarks over Tim Ozman, Infinite Plane Society

Marcus Goldfinch Confessed To Identity and Trademark Theft:

Marcus committed Identity Theft. Here is an email he sent to Youtube’s legal department to this address. Marcus admits here to IDENTITY THEFT (impostering Youtube Tim Ozman/ Infinite Plane Society), and Wirefraud (a merchandise website posing as Tim Ozman/ Infinite Plane Society):

This is the YT email he sent the following to: <trademark+2xkm5cgkzepu50c@support.youtube.com>

“Dear YouTube,

I am the legal owner of the name ‘TIMOZMAN’ and ‘INFINITE PLANE SOCIETY’ They are just two of MY brand names. That is ME in the video speaking. To prove it as such, I have pointed my domain name and brand identity TIMOZMAN dot COM to my YouTube Channel that hold that same name, as well as INFINITEPLANESOCIETY.ORG I have also copied in myself to this email using my brand identities. Please let me know if you wish to communicate with me via those email addresses if it helps.

…You can see it clearly says ‘INFINITEPLANESOCIETY.ORG‘ – My Email address is listed as that in the channel description, AND I have even added it to this email thread.

The claim that has been made is LUDICROUS. He states as a LEGAL Trademark registration Number: “A website name and destination”

He also then claims a LEGAL registration number as “a website address”, He does NOT have a company in the name of ‘INFINITE PLANE SOCIETY’ a quick check of the US companies register here prove that: https://www.sec.gov/cgi-bin/browse-edgar?company=infinite+plane+society&owner=exclude&action=getcompany

You also NEED to have a Trademark Number that is usually 7 digits, PLUS details on the Worldmark / Trademark i.e is it only for Apparel, Beverages, Health Supplements, etc., etc., If MORE that one category is covered for that Trademark name, a separate number and code is also required. 

I KNOW this as I have gone through the process many times to secure my own brands internationally.

I am happy to look at legal avenues if you think that I should. However, I stand FIRM in my rights and I say that this is a FALSE Trademark complaint.

Kind Regards,

Timothy Jacob Ozman ( My name is not Marcus Goldfinch ) 

info@timozman.com | timozman.com

Merchandise: https://www.teepublic.com/user/timozman

On Tue, Oct 30, 2018 at 8:06 PM YouTube Legal Support Team <trademark+2xkm5cgkzepu50c@support.youtube.com> wrote:

Here is the strategy

  1. I will file for a USPTO registration on Infinite Plane Radio and Tim Ozman, and Infinite Plane Society. I had common-law trademark rights declared in 2010 and 2016 respectively, and this is recognized by the courts.  Even though droogs like Goldfinch and my other stalker claim I don’t have any copyrights, I do. Marcus will learn what this means very soon. Having a USPTO registration will make things much easier in my fight against Youtube LLC.
  2. I will then sue Youtube LLC for aiding Marcus Goldfinch in stealing my copyrights and trademarks. I have more than four-hundred DMCA takedown notices that Youtube LLC refused to serve. 
    My lawsuit against them will surely draw Marcus Goldfinch out as he’s a party to what is provably felony Identity Theft.

The price of total victory:

I am going to cover as much of the costs as I can to make this work. I will need a little help getting the USPTO fees covered.

I aim to raise enough for an LLC registration or two, plus the USPTO registrations. Everything helps to keep things moving. This is a necessary upgrade and will ensure total victory. Goldfinch nor Youtube LLC will be able to continue this “game” or whatever it is.

Thank you for your participation and support.

Tim Ozman,

IPR Host


KO-FI https://ko-fi.com/timozman  

CASHAPP https://cash.app/infiniteplanesociety

VENMO https://venmo.com/timozman

PAYPAL https://www.paypal.me/InfinitePlaneSociety

Donorbox  https://donorbox.org/recurring-donation-49

BTC address




Alex Jones Admits To Knowing Q to Eddie Bravo

♬ original sound – Infinite Plane Radio 24/7

Marcus Goldfinch is suspected of being the operative behind the “Q drops”:

George News colludes with 8kun’s owner Jim Watkins. A fact he denied to the J6 Committee:

“Watkins has always denied his links to QAnon, and on the livestream on Monday night, he repeated these claims: “I am not QAnon. I am not associated with QAnon. QAnon is made up; it is literally the boogeyman.”


George News is CLOSE to Trump.

Note their Youtube channel Youtube.com/anonymousQ/livehttps://www.youtube.com/embed/anonymousQ/live


They don’t hide the Q/ Anonymous/charity connection: http://anonymous.charity/https://www.youtube.com/embed/c/8kunOrg




How about that? The home of Q posts is also the link address for George News’ Youtube channel. Their about section explains that all LIVE streams are military in nature.

Welcome to GEORGEnews! On this Channel, we bring you updates direct from the State Department, Department of Defense, WHCA, WHMO, as well as all LIVE updates from Studio 45. LIVE Streams on this Channel are more MIL based, while all P45 related streams are shown on other channels below. #KnowYourMil #DefenseTV

WHCA is White House Communications Agency

WHMO is White House Military Office.

Interdasting. They also have a non news youtube channel linked on their site simply called George. It has a normal address with random characters. Nvm. it doesn’t. This link is


The 8kunOrg address on their News channel and the ANONYMOUSQ on the main channel are both intentional. But why? Both channels were launched 2 years ago. GEORGEnews exactly 2 years ago today and GEORGE 2 years yesterday. That can’t be a coincidence.

Their Telegram is full of videos with somebody with direct access to POTUS. Sitting in Marine One with staff, walking onto marine One, riding in the Mar A Lago parade on Inaug Day. Whoever this is, they have unfettered access to Trump. George’s HQ is in Trump Tower and they are at Mar A Lago today.





They even have access to ordinarily classified tests of submarine replenishment maneuvers. This site is legit and shows how connected Trump and co are to 8Kun and Anonymous.

The Mar A Lago video is him. You can see him with his window down and recording out the left side of Trump’s suv as they do the Mar A Lago tour in this video.

We need to watch all these videos very closely. I’m starting to think we may have something here.



This screencap is from George’s latest live-stream where he suggests the Kennedys are part of an ancient war against the evil bloodline rulers of the earth. The Kennedys are “noble blood” and “royal” according to William Cooper, who is featured in this video:https://www.youtube.com/embed/Ebuu4t7SAIQ

George News is an extension of George Magazine, formerly owned by JFK Jr.

Many Qanoners believe that he will use this magazine to announce his return a staged, hoaxed death.

On Telegram, https://t.me/georgenews George News has 288 thousand followers and is one of the most influential pro-Qanon Telegram channels. It is run by Marcus Goldfinch, a close Confidant of Donald TrumpThe identity of “Q” was revealed via an unrelated trademark dispute. I only knew him as a “black hat” hacker that was attempting to drive me off the Internet. One of his tactics was (and still is) buying up web domains related to his targets in order to spread misinformation.

My legal dispute with this individual started with a civil suit for cyberstalking and evolved into a trademark suit. A subpoena revealed the identity of the individual who was responsible for taking down dozens of my Youtube channels with false copyright claims.

I learned he was the CEO of a magazine owned by the late JFK Jr., who Qanon believers maintain is still alive and leading a clandestine military operation against the supposed “deep state.”

Youtube channel Youtube.com/AnonymousQ was repurposed in 2017 as George News.

George News has a telegram following of nearly 300,000 Qanoners. He’s the #1 Q influencer on the web: https://t.me/s/georgenews

This Tweet by @patsellf to @jimstewartson acknowledges that George News took over “Q” drops/ proofs. ( https://twitter.com/search?q=%20%40jimstewartson%20%20%E2%80%9CGeorge%20News%E2%80%9D%20&src=typed_query&f=top):

Here is a screen share of his in which he bragged that he’s buddies with Ivanka Trump:

Here is a Socialblade profile that verifies the basic fact that MGTV is Marcus Goldfinch: https://socialblade.com/youtube/user/teameas/videos

This connects MGTV to the person Marcus Goldfinch. This is definitive.

Who is Q-Anon?

Right now, Q-Anon, AnonymousQ, FBI-Anon is known to Trump loyalists as GEORGE NEWS. His public front is this news website and affiliated social media accounts. He purposefully leads Qanon believers to think they are JFK Jr’s magazine resurrected:


John Kennedy Cover George: Not Just Politics as Usual Magazine Farewell Issue 2001 Vol 6 No1 Single Issue Magazine – January 1, 2001″


“I never knew that GEORGE NEWS aka THE ANONYMOUS COLLECTIVE actually states that JFK Jr is alive” —https://greatawakening.win/p/11S0bjRAJM/x/c/4DuV6pbFQLx?sort=new


  • Also note “Bloodlines: The History of The Deep State.”
    This is the banner for GEORGE.NEWS (above) and a key to the White House. Yes, “Q” has a key to the White House.

George News live-streamed President Trump’s news conferences and provided a lot of behind-the-scenes video and photography. https://www.youtube.com/embed/shorts/69HFxAXEDCc?feature=share


GEORGE NEWS, US Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs , December 10, 2020, #17 for Q “The Best Is Yet To Come” Trump/Q slogan on a “SECRET” document

This is an extensive organization with unprecedented access to military operations and training facilities. That is what got the attention of the posters on 4chan. They recorded footage from inside the military hospital ships as well as other military quarantine outposts. 

VP Mike Pence even gave George News a personalized set of suit cuff links.

He was part of “Anonymous” collective of hackers since at least 2008. Marcus Goldfinch was  “AnonymousQ”  and “FBIanon”  and “Qanon” before simply GEORGE NEWS. Somehow they remain under the MSM’s radar.

The Q drops were done by  Q – Anon.

  • Telegram — Drops his locations.  Oval Office. Mar a Lago , and all over the world. He has had access to and traveled with President Trump since 2016. His telegram is https://t.me/georgenews/1952
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