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  • BUSTED: “Handsome Truth” of GoyimTV Grooming Minors  #goyimtv #alexstein #groomer

    BUSTED: “Handsome Truth” of GoyimTV Grooming Minors #goyimtv #alexstein #groomer

    Like an Antisemite version of Alex Stein, Jon Minadeo II aka “Handsome Truth” has adopted a cringe persona to troll City Council Meetings. His new persona is a racist gay Jew. It’s probably not funny but that’s not a crime. But now he’s taking his act to minors. He went online and spoke to a […] Read more

  • Another Day, Another Stalker: “DAVEJ” was Reported to FBI

    Another Day, Another Stalker: “DAVEJ” was Reported to FBI

     Stalking is defined in Penal Code 646.9 PC as harassing or threatening another person to the point where that individual fears for his or her safety. The fact he thinks I am an evil Jewish woman terrifies me. I believe he is severely mentally ill and dangerous, for he truly believes I am his enemy “Transgendered Jew,” […] Read more

  • Christopher Nolan/batman 2012/covaids psyop,

     Christopher Nolan/batman 2012/covaids psyop, check it out here https://fakeotube.com/v/5612?channelName=Fakeologist Read more

  • YOUTUBE LLC and Marcus Goldfinch of GEORGE News Sued For Trademark Fraud by Podcaster

    A civil lawsuit has been filed against Youtube LLC and Marcus Goldfinch and this Kickstarter hacking incident and the accompanying vandalizing of the profile page have been included. On January 15, 2023, Marcus Goldfinch accessed my Kickstarter account and changed the email address to his own. Then he proceeded to vandalize the profile page with […] Read more

  • Cyberstalker Awarded $53,000 in Civil Court Suit Vs. Conspiracy Theorist 

    Cyberstalker Awarded $53,000 in Civil Court Suit Vs. Conspiracy Theorist 

    John Kirszenberg, known by the internet moniker “Jonah The Scientist”, counter-sued conspiracy theorist behind Infinite Plane Radio, who sued him first for cyber-stalking. Kirszenberg countered the cyber-stalking suit with a trademark-libel claim based on made-up trademark violations and was awarded $53,000.  The public domain clipart is here: https://www.pngitem.com/middle/ThJhRJh_professor-teacher-clip-art-professor-clipart-hd-png/ It was registered and trademarked by Kirszenberg […] Read more

  • “Groundhog Day, STRAY SATEL-LOON” 2/2/23

    I think it’s a Cubesat that dipped too low and its balloon was showing so they had to come up with a cover story. https://rokfin.com/post/120950/Groundhog-Day–STRAY-SATELLOON-2223 https://archive.org/details/222023 Read more

Infinite Plane Society


The Infinite Plane Society is a fake news woodchipper.

The IPS Think Tank mercilesssly rolls over psychological operations, simulated news, and psywar operations.

Mindwar Inoculation.

iPR: Infinite Plane Radio™

Open Phones for Open Minds 1 (833) 311 1984

Infinite Plane Society, Think Tank, Media Deconstruction

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  • The models walk down the runway, the bold red masks would draw attention to their faces and add a dramatic element to the clothing they are showcasing.  The audience would be enthralled by the unusual twist on traditional runway presentations and would be delighted by the creative use of accessories.  The bright red color of […]
  • It was reported that an astronomer has discovered a spiral galaxy that resembles a pepperoni pizza. The galaxy was depicted with a bright central region with curving arms spiraling outward, reminiscent of the circular shape and curving lines of pepperoni on a pizza slice. This discovery shook the astronomy world. Elon Musk declared that it […]
  • Jack was overjoyed with his creation. He tested out his 3-D bioprinter and was pleased with the result: a functional human brain. Perhaps he should have stopped there but it was too late. The organ gave the appliance self-awareness and Jack soon found himself in a heated argument with the printer, which spoke from a […]
  • Conspiratainment News is the world’s first AI-Generated tabloid. Our articles are published at Conspiratained.com and readily available online. Soon, however, the print tabloid will go into circulation. The inaugural issue will take off where Fake World News left off. This is a vast improvement as a concept and business model as you’ll see with the […]


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Youtube LLC has handed over the copyrights of my podcast Infinite Plane Radio, and my voice, to another Youtuber This Youtuber’s impersonation and copyright theft of my content started in 2018. He bragged about it in an email and I have a copy of what he wrote to Youtube LLC’s legal department.

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